Thursday, October 29, 2015

November Update

UIKA Family:

The Autumn season is upon us.  Trees are turning brilliant colors, it is as though God had his paint brush out this week.  Here in the other peninsula state (Michigan) we get to celebrate four seasons.   I would rather skip the winter time, go straight from Fall to Spring, but you take the good with the bad.

The Dojo is a lot like that too, taking good with bad, as is our lives.  We have all experienced the ups and downs of Dojo life.  We learn to take the good and bad, then look for a net result that brings some form of happiness or contentment.

I just started my 48th year in Isshin Ryu and more than ever appreciate the work that my Sensei has done.  I love and respect a man that puts others first, works to insure we have the best that knowledge can bring, and is dedicated to his Sensei.  You have taught us well Sensei Mithcum. Thank you for all you do.

Last, to John and Cindy for their tireless efforts to make the UIKA a well run machine.  Your leadership is a blessing and I appreciate all that you do.  Great job, you all are truly an inspiration.

To these that lead us, help us, and give so much I say OSU!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Update - Late news but Good news!!

UIKA Family:

I apologize for the late news and updates.  I was traveling in July and August, then preparing for a work so time on the "blog" was minimal.

July was a great karate month.  We had time together at the combined UIKA/Tokushin symposium.  With Sensei Mitchum, Bartusevics Sensei, Tokomura Sensei, Adams Sensei present we had a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.  WOW, I was humbled to share floor time with these folks. Additionally, who does a better job hosting than Sensei John, Sensei Cindy, and Sensei Sheri?  Thank You to our hosts!

The UIKA family shared time on the floor with the Tokushin Family and we had a great time.  Jeff Perkins Sensei and Carol Womack Sensei did a great job of not only presenting the Tokushin Weapons systems, but demonstrated their great roots in Isshin Ryu.

Congrats to the folks who were promoted by the UIKA and to Sensei Adams for the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Also, several folk receiving rank in the Tokushin Kobudo system!

Last but not least, Sensei Mitchum, Jim Mitchum, and I were at the Hall of Fame weekend.  We had a great time seeing old friends and participating in the tournament.  Several members of the Holloway Dojo won in kata and sparring.

Dan Holloway

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Information update!

UIKA Family:

We need updated information on our membership!  As we launch into a new year we are taking our "connections" to new levels.  Christopher is working on a UIKA - Facebook site.  We are sending information via social media and need your email addresses and any contact information you wish to share.

Please take the time to update your UIKA info by filling out an application and getting it to Christopher at:

For those of you not on facebook, I will continue to support the UIKA website.

Sensei Dan Holloway