Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UIKA Symposium pics

To the UIKA family:

Here are few pictures sent to me for posting!  If we have anyone out there that have more to post just send them over, but this is the start!

 Sensei John Bartusevics, Sensei John Ingram, and Sensei Dan Holloway with Ku Dan certificates.  Congratulations!
 Our group pictures with the Kids!  An outstanding group to work with!
Our participating board members for 2014, (L-R) Cindy Ingram, Dan Holloway, John Bartusevics, and John Ingram.  We missed Sensei Mitchum, but look forward to him feeling better and seeing him at the next gathering!

 UIKA hosts Brian and Lisa Ash with their award from Sensei John Bartusevics a "Honbu Dojo" card.
Sensei Dan Holloway with his  award from Sensei John Bartusevics a "Honbu Dojo" card.
 Sensei Rick McGogy and Brenda with their award from Sensei John Bartusevics a "Honbu Dojo" card.
 Sensei Cindy Ingram teaching advanced UIKA Kids!
 Sensei John Ingram warming up advanced UIKA kids!
 Canada was well represented !!!
 Our UIKA adult class
Not only a "Honbu Dojo Card" award winner but now a 5th Dan, Sensei Steve Kenneman.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August News Updates and More !!

To the UIKA Family:

A huge thank you to the UIKA hosts Brian and Lisa Ash for providing a great atmosphere for training and then wonderful times to decompress and enjoy "Big Sky Country".  The Ash dojo family worked hard to make sure everyone was provided for during their stay.  Additional kudos to John and Cindy Ingram: they provide the finest instruction and learning experience for everyone.  I got to participate, do kata work and opened the application/bunkai book too!  A special thank you to Linda Donner (6th Dan-Shotokan) for her participation.  Sensei Donner insured that everyone got to break a sweat, and OMG her kata demonstration was tremendous!  We were blessed to have Sensei John Bartusevics, serving both as our adviser and honorary board member.  Thank you to all!  We always make a lot of new friends and good memories!

We conference called Sensei Mithcum he missed everyone, but was hopeful he would get his health issues settled and be back in attendance soon.   He sounded good and I think with his doctors and medications re-aligned he will be strong as ever.  He congratulated all participants and gave a hearty "well deserved" to the people promoted in the afternoon.  We all missed him so MUCH!

The UIKA symposium went well, most of the students were well acquainted with the katas and we went through them as a refresher.  One thing embraced by the organization is constant checking of kata to insure that we do not deviate from how Sensei Mitchum was taught by Master Shimabuku.  The senior Dans are checked by Sensei Mitchum and in his absence Sensei John Bartusevics gave us all a look.  Additionally, we take a look at all Yudansha to insure consistency in kata and basics.  This provides another set of eyes so the higher Dans have good quality as they mature.  We also worked on both fundamental bunkai and advanced applications. Something always stressed during the symposium is not to change the katas.  Application of technique comes after proficiency in the movement.

Sensei Bartusevics made a few presentations as well, everyone was humbled by the wonderful gifts he gave. The Dojo heads and outstanding students received original American Okinawan Karate Association membership cards from Master Shimabuku's Honbu Dojo (circa 1963 and 1964).  These are collectibles with Master Shimabuku's hanko and should grace Dojo walls for a long time.  Thank you for thinking of us Sensei Bartusevics!

Congratulations to Steve Kennman for his elevation to 5th Dan, to John Ingram and John Bartusevics for their promotion to 9th Dan.  I was also promoted to 9th Dan.

Sensei Dan Holloway

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Isshin Ryu Hall of Fame Update!

To the UIKA family!

Several members of our UIKA family attended this years award banquet and tournament.  The banquet was well done and included a special "Capital Flag" presentation for Glenda, with Sensei Mitchum receiving the flag and plaque.

Many folks that know Sensei Mitchum shared their condolences and good positive thoughts.  I appreciate such good friends from other organizations.  I want to personally thank Jay and Carol Burris, and Scott Shamblin for making special accommodations for Sensei Mitchum during his stay in Gatlingburg.

This year two people from Holloway's Dojo competed at the IHOF Tournament and did very well.  Susan Ingermann competed in Women's Black belt weapons and empty hand kata and got second place in both categories.  Kali Gerou competed in advanced 15-17 year old and got second place in kumite and 3rd place in kata.  Both of these young women represented Isshin Ryu with honor.  All of us should be proud of these two, I know I am!!!

Sensei Dan Holloway