Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sensei Mitchum Update!!!!

April 16th, 2014.

I received word that Sensei Mitchum went through his stent procedure yesterday.  Glenda said he is home, doing well, resting, and looking forward to a good recovery.  Continue to pray for his recovery and for Glenda's strength as she ministers to him.  Please, as always give him some time and respect his privacy.

Sensei Dan

Friday, April 11, 2014

UIKA Symposium News!

Start your plans now!  Sensei Brian and Lisa Ash will host this year's UIKA Symposium in Bozeman, MT. The dates are August 15 - 17, 2014.  Bozeman is stunning with a lot of local activity available, so start your planning now.  The last time I was out we drove down to Yellowstone for a day!

More info to follow....

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April News and Sensei Mitchum Update

UIKA family - April 16, 2014

Hello and Happy Easter!  OOPs we got 3 inches of snow, and we are 3 weeks into Spring.

Tournament season is fast approaching and I would encourage you all to investigate a couple of well run tournaments and give it a go!  It is always good to win, but it is sometimes rewarding to simply participate.  I tell my folks that minimally they should use the experience to learn, set new standards, and be ambassadors for Isshin Ryu.

If you have information that needs posting, send me links or copies in Word, and I'll get them put up on the site.

Thank you to Sensei Gaunter for sponsoring a series of tournaments at her dojo.  She is a first class competitor and promoter.

Hope to see you soon,

Dan Holloway

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 AAU National Karate Championships

The Ingrams' dojo took 32 athletes to the 2012 AAU National Karate Championships in St. Charles, Illinois, July 4–7, and came home with 53 medals: 15 gold, 10 silver, and 29 bronze, won in kata, kumite, and kobudo.

Yvar Bajala won the Isshinryu mandatory kata division for adult black belts, the all-style black belt kata division for age 18, and finally the sanbon kumite division for age 18.

The complete results follow.


  • Yvar Bajala: Two Golds
  • Mikey Berg: Gold
  • Jeremy Braun: Bronze
  • John Flores: Gold
  • Abbrielle Jones: Silver
  • Mike Moyer: Silver
  • Chris Ruland: Bronze
  • Austin Stone: Silver


  • Steffanie Brown: Bronze
  • Chloe Chestine: Gold
  • Hiro Chestine: Silver
  • John Flores: Gold
  • Devon Gober: Silver
  • Rae Hayward: Bronze
  • Austin Stone: Bronze
  • Marissa Stone: Bronze
  • Aaron Vetter: Bronze


  • Yvar Bajala: Gold
  • Mikey Berg: Gold
  • Cameron Braun: Silver
  • Jeremy Braun: Bronze
  • Steffanie Brown: Bronze
  • Chloe Chestine: 2 Golds
  • Hiro Chestine: Silver
  • Kayla Davenport: Bronze
  • John Flores: Bronze
  • Devon Gober: Bronze
  • Nick Hamm: Bronze
  • Rae Hayward: 2 Bronze:
  • Kayla Jewell: Silver
  • Jessica Johnsen: Gold
  • Abbrielle Jones: Gold
  • Sydney McKnight: Gold
  • Mike Moyer: Gold
  • Alexandra Obediente: Silver
  • Steven Paini: Silver
  • Chris Ruland: Gold
  • Austin Stone: Bronze
  • Anika Trotman: Bronze

Team Kumite

All teams took bronze medals.
  • Fire Power: Jessica Johnsen, Jessie Lanares, Marissa Stone
  • Team LMFAO: Hiro Chestine, Anthony Lambardi, Aaron Vetter
  • Team Rocket: Chloe Chestine, Kayla Davenport, Dawn Orlando
  • The Avengers: Yvar Bajala, Chris Ruland, Austin Stone