Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October News

Hey folks!

Sensei Mitchum update!

I spoke to Sensei Mitchum last week and he is settling in nicely.  His son Jim is a few minutes away and he is making his rounds at the doctor's offices.  Getting his meds in order and establishing new relationships with new doctors is a big process.  Moving for anyone can be monumental, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he adjusts.  He said he was feeling better and liked his new home.

I did not get to attend the Tokumura Sensei embukai but heard it went well.  Sensei John Ingram, Sensei Cindy, Sensei Steve Kenneman, and Sensei Bartusevics were in attendance.  From past experience Tokumura Sensei puts on a great seminar.

We have frost on the old pumpkin here and the leaves are in full color.  Halloween is just around the corner and we do a big emphasis on safety rules including stranger danger this month.  For everyone, be safe!

Let us hear from you, send pictures or information and we will get it posted.

Dan Holloway

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UIKA Symposium pics

To the UIKA family:

Here are few pictures sent to me for posting!  If we have anyone out there that have more to post just send them over, but this is the start!

 Sensei John Bartusevics, Sensei John Ingram, and Sensei Dan Holloway with Ku Dan certificates.  Congratulations!
 Our group pictures with the Kids!  An outstanding group to work with!
Our participating board members for 2014, (L-R) Cindy Ingram, Dan Holloway, John Bartusevics, and John Ingram.  We missed Sensei Mitchum, but look forward to him feeling better and seeing him at the next gathering!

 UIKA hosts Brian and Lisa Ash with their award from Sensei John Bartusevics a "Honbu Dojo" card.
Sensei Dan Holloway with his  award from Sensei John Bartusevics a "Honbu Dojo" card.
 Sensei Rick McGogy and Brenda with their award from Sensei John Bartusevics a "Honbu Dojo" card.
 Sensei Cindy Ingram teaching advanced UIKA Kids!
 Sensei John Ingram warming up advanced UIKA kids!
 Canada was well represented !!!
 Our UIKA adult class
Not only a "Honbu Dojo Card" award winner but now a 5th Dan, Sensei Steve Kenneman.