Wednesday, March 15, 2017

UIKA 2017 Tampa Symposium

UIKA Family:

Greetings to all of you and I hope this finds you well.  Thank you to all membership helping the UIKA in transition this past year.  A lot of new and exciting events are coming and we welcome your input.

First, a lift up in prayers for Jim Mitchum's daughter Amy.  This young lady is first class in every way imaginable.  I met her sometime ago, but got to know her last year as she helped take care of Sensei Mitchum.  She is going through treatments for cancer and I'm asking the membership here to lift her up in prayer as she pushes through the treatments.

Second, its official and GAME ON!!  The UIKA / Tokushin Ryu symposium is on in Tampa again this year.  In speaking with Sensei Jeff Perkins he tells me Tokumura Sensei is excited to teach once again.  A local Ninja guru told me about a new kata from Tokumura Sensei...

Here is the teaser flyer for the event along with this link.

Last year's event was excellent and at the same time we all missed Sensei Mitchum.  Let's continue to remember him and push through to become what he wanted, the best of Isshin Ryu.

Thanks again Chris San and the Ingram's for leading such a wonderful group. DH

Friday, January 20, 2017

UIKA 2017 Kick off!!

UIKA Family:

Happy New Year to each of you!  I wish everyone the absolute best for this new year!  Last year brought us together,but was bittersweet.  We lost Sensei Mitcum in June making the year tough on a lot of us.  Sensei was close to the organization and had a special bond with many of the folks.  That was Sensei in a nutshell, making friends, mentoring, and doing his best for Isshin Ryu.

I remember one high ranking Dan approaching me and he said he asked Sensei Mitchum why he became so active in the past few years, Sensei answered and said, "it was for Master Shimabuku and Isshin Ryu".  In one seminar that I did with Sensei during a Q & A session a young person asked what he felt about Master Shimabuku.  Sensei paused, looked down for a moment and with those sparkling blue eyes said, "I loved the man".  I'll never forget that moment as I needed to back away for a second to gather myself.  But, that was Sensei, honest, caring, loving, and authentic.

Sensei would have us to be forward looking.  He planned and wanted the organization to improve and continue on.  One way we can do that is by taking his lead, and being the best we can be, then preparing and improving as we grow.  We are better together, stronger because we care.  We as UIKA members are united to the cause of preserving what Master Shimabuku taught through his student Harold Mitchum.  I'm all in, preserving the dream!!

As we look to membership a few things will change to improve the organization.  Memberships of one and five year are available as are "life time".  Details will follow as we massage some of the things we do to improve performance.  I appreciate all that folks do to help, everyone from the regional representatives to our social media and web guys, and sponsoring DOJOs, THANK YOU.

We'll see you soon, if you need anything your are welcome to contact the organization through Facebook, and the website.  Additionally, my number is available at: 248-505-4698.

Use the following new membership application link:

Dan Holloway