Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Post-Symposium News

UIKA Family!

OMG!  What a great time in Tampa, Fl for the annual UIKA/Tokushin embukai and tournament.  It could not have gone better and that due to the efforts of Sensei John, Sensei Cindy, and Sensei Sheri.  The folks in Florida make use of great resources and pull things together in a way unimaginable!  Thank you, you all are truly the best hosts ever!

We had visitors from everywhere. Okinawa, Puerto Rico, Denmark, coast to coast and border to border!  The visitors and participants are special, spending their time and money to make the event special.  Thank you!

Sensei Bartusevics from California did a series on Master Shimabuku's kumite.  He was on his game and I cannot forget to mention his Ukes for the session, Sensei Chris and Sensei Yvar. It was an outstanding job by all.

The Tokushin folks provided an outstanding session on weapons.  We had the opportunity to have Tokumura Sensei teach us applications and movement.  Sensei Jeff Perkins and his crew from Michigan helped people out with bunkai and weapons handling techniques.  Sensei Carol Womack and Sensei Lars Anderson taught several sessions.  Sensei Lars takes care of Europe for Tokumura Sensei.  Sensei Jeff, Sensei Carol, Sensei Lars along with Tokumura Sensei represent the leadership of Tokushin Ryu.  Great job from all of them!

The leadership of the UIKA was so supportive. Sensei John Ingram (Director), Sensei Cindy Ingram (Secretary/treasurer), Sensei Rick McGogy (Canada), Sensei Brian Ash, Sensei Jim Mitchum, Sensei Gary Repetti, and our Advisors: Sensei Tom Lewis, Sensei John Bartusevics, and Sensei Tokumura.  All lend a hand whenever asked and I appreciate it.

To our esteemed guests, THANK YOU!  Sensei Willie Adams, Sensei Marilyn Fierro, Sensei Nick Adler, Sensei Eduardo Gonzalez, and Sensei Doc Mariner, each of these helped too.  Whether their wisdom and knowledge or making the day special for the kids, Great Job!

I missed Sensei Mitchum as did everyone.  I can only say (and know) he'd be pleased.  I think of him daily and as all the folks participating want, to preserve his legacy of friendship and Isshin Ryu Karate.

In the service of my Sensei,

Dan Holloway

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